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Written in response to "How to be a Man"

What does it mean to be a woman today? Ask one woman, and she will give you one answer. Ask another woman, and she will give you another answer. This is because being a woman today translates to being an individual – someone who is human, self-aware, and can think for herself. She is so much more than merely ‘feminine energy’ or ‘masculine energy’ – she is anything she wants to be. We all are. We are human.

How to Live and Be (a better) Human (as written from the perspective of an individual human female named Rachelle):

1. Let Love guide your actions.
Think about your actions, your words, and how they make an impact on the world. What kind of imprint do they leave behind? What do your actions say about your Love of Others? Other Humans? Other Animals? Love of the Planet? Harm or disrespect to Others reflects back and Causes harm and disrespect to Yourself, as well. Let Love, Compassion, and Respect guide your actions, and you will experience an abundance of Love in return.

2. Forgive.
Usually, when others talk of Forgiveness, they are referring to being forgiven BY SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN YOU. But, please note, a key part of the word Forgive is the word GIVE. It is something we all have inside of ourselves, and we can keep giving and giving and we will still have it – it never runs out. Most importantly, we must realize it is something we can (and should) give to ourselves. To err is human – we are not perfect. Yes, we should be willing to forgive Others, but perhaps even more importantly, we should be willing to Forgive Ourselves. Forgive, but please do Not Forget, for there is always a lesson to be learned.

3. Believe.
Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability. Believe in your potential. Trust. You can Do whatever it is you Believe you can Do. You can Be whatever it is you Believe you can Be. Trust and Belief in Yourself, combined with Perseverance, Creates your own Reality.

4. To Thine Own Self Be True.
Do not conform to what others or society tell you What or How You should Be (which can include, but are certainly not limited to, these very words here!). Perhaps you are a stranger to yourself and do not even know who you are, or what you want. Listen to yourself, and you will know. If you don’t Know or can’t Hear, it might be because you aren’t Listening – sometimes it’s hard to Listen and Hear when there’s so much outside noise being imposed upon you from the Outside. Look Within. And Whatever it is You discover – Be true to yourself, and Live Free from self-deception.

5. Live with Honor.
What is honour? When I think of Honor, I think of Integrity. Accountability. Loyalty. Honesty. Living True to One’s Words, Actions, and Promises. Sometimes we may make a promise that we later learn we cannot keep. And realizing this is fine. Breaking a promise doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no honor or no integrity – for what if you come to realize that keeping an old promise equates to NOT being True to Yourself? As long as there is a sincere desire to learn from your mistakes – simply forgive yourself, learn from the situation, and move on… with Honor.

6. Create.
Creation occurs when thoughts are manifested by our actions. Thoughts and ideas are just as integral to the Creation (or creative) process as the actions and motions themselves – for thoughtless/mindless actions often cause destruction rather than creation. Conversely, thoughts alone are typically fruitless if not backed up with actions. Be conscious of your thoughts and ideas, and then, exercising will, Create - Your Future, Your Present, and Your Past.
“It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.” "I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's."

7. Balance.
It is said that too much of a good thing may cause you harm. Even if you Love too unselfishly you may end up neglecting your own needs. A plant needs water to Live, but too much or too little and it will die! Strike a balance between Excess and Deficiency, and the quality of your Life will Flourish.

8. Open.
Open yourself to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Open yourself to challenges, and trying new things. Open your Heart. Open Your Mind. If you don’t Open Yourself and Embrace what you find, perhaps you’ll always be left wondering what “could have been”. The first step in finding out what lies behind the door is to Open it! (But, strike a balance (#7) and know your limit, while simultaneously remaining open to challenging yourself and that limit, as well. You might just surprise yourself.)

9. Live Courageously.
This is tied quite closely to #6. Actually, all of the above requires Courage, to varying degrees. It may take a lot of courage to Open Yourself, Your Heart, your Mind and Embrace Challenge and Change… Sometimes this requires you to examine who you are - to really See Yourself - which in turn sometimes requires a great deal of courage. If you have a fear that you wish you didn’t have, then find the courage in yourself to face that fear. You’ll find that the courage is there within you, if you have the courage to look.

10. Grow.
If you live your life according to the guidelines above, growth is inevitable. Of course, it’s the Striving to Love, the Striving to Forgive, the Striving to Trust, etc, etc, and this Path of Striving that leads us to Growth. If we follow this Path of Striving, however, we’ll find that Growth is not the Destination. Rather, Growth is merely the Journey.

So... what IS the destination? Ahhh... that's up to each of us to find out... Isn't it?

Good Journey to you All.

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