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there's about a week left in my challenge. it's going quite well. the only thing tho is my period makes me feel pretty wiped, and i'm not sure how i'm going to get to hot yoga today if at all. thankfully i can just make up for it by going doing two hot yoga classes on another day if i miss out on today's class. we'll see.

i made raw lasagna a few days ago and it was just absolutely delicious! i'd love to experiment with a lot of raw foods, but i just don't have any money right now for the equipment. it'd be great to make my own almond milk, for example. i'd LOVE to have an ice cream maker. i'd really like one of those fancy dehydrators. and having better and various food-processor/blender type of gadgets would be awesome. i'd especially enjoy having a mandolin and a veggie spiral-er.

i've been keeping my compost material in the freezer and bringing it down to the community gardens/compost bins on sherbrooke. eating raw is pretty awesome because one produces very little waste.

although i must admit, i watched this video (http://vimeo.com/4550120) last night and then naturally i had dreams about cinnamon buns. lol. i'm not even sure if i'd enjoy eating them - they'd be so unhealthy with all the sugar and earth balance and i don't seem to enjoy eating sugary things very much anymore, but making them would still be fun.
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well, i've been doing another 30 day challenge of sorts for this august.

this time it involves doing 30 classes of hot yoga in 30 days WHILE eating a raw diet for the 30 day duration.

so far it's been pretty awesome. a week has gone by and this time eating raw is so much easier than before. i have very little cravings for cooked foods. and i'm finding that doing hot yoga while on a raw diet yields quicker results in terms of toning up. and wow - my skin is in amazing shape! my whole body just feels so soft and lovely.

deep down, i feel as though i should become a raw foodist, although at the same time i still have a love of cooked foods. i think i'd just need to experiment a lot with raw foods, and once i find i love making raw food just as much than cooked food creations, if not more, then i just might become a raw foodist. although, i don't think i should become 100% raw. maybe about 90-95%. I'd still like to lightly steam some veggies, and to eat some fermented foods like miso, tamari, and drink the occasional glass of red wine. thank god there's such a thing raw chocolate!

i'll likely make the choice sooner or later. we'll see where i'm at by the end of this challenge. :)
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in some ways, things have changed dramatically over the course of just a few days.
in other ways, nothing has really changed at all.

it is interesting that change is often accompanied by painful experiences.
growing pains, perhaps?

all in all, i like change.

i've never been one to take much comfort in routine.
routine definitely has it's pros, but i personally find routine to be tiring and wearing - something about it wears me down from the inside to the point where i feel like i'm silently dying, little by little. perhaps because it's stifling, and doesn't allow one the room to breathe, to change, or to grow.

it's interesting to note the routines and subroutines that permeate our very existence.
routine, in some form or another, is inescapable.
each morning the sun rises.
each evening the sun sets.
each day we wake, eat, crap, and sleep. repeat.

each year the seasons change. spring, summer, fall, winter. repeat.

each year we have the same holidays. birthdays. christmas. new year. repeat.

nothing changes, yet everything does.
never and always.

life is full of contradictory dichotomies.
what an interesting enigma.
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today i bought a book about becoming a writer.
of my various theatrical passions, i think i should focus more on the writing aspect.
i keep wanting to write various plays, but keep putting it aside for when i'll have more time.

well, that time should approach very soon.
the PTE class is nearly done. today (i.e thursday) was our official show opening, and saturday night is our closing! followed by cast party, of course.

sunday will be booked up with recuperating, as well as my granny's birthday.
and although i work 5 days next week, i will try very hard to fit in a healthy dosage of both hot yoga and writing.

i very much would like to live the life of a writer.

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as always.
the course/play wraps up soon. we're in major rehearsal-crunch time this week.
the show opens in a week and a half-ish.

i feel confident on two of my four scenes.
i have a lot of work to do to feel confident about all of it.
i know i'll get there, but as time approaches it makes me a bit nervous.


has anyone ever had their tonsils removed?
my throat has been sore on and off for over a month, maybe two now, and i wonder if it's related to tonsils. also my throat has been getting extremely dry when i sleep, and it never used to. *sigh* even if it were my tonsils and they had to be removed, i couldn't get anything done about it til the play is over. and even after that... i'd wait til the end of june so that i could at least complete this term position i've been hired for.

well, t'is late.
bed time.

ETA - I looked in the mirror and it looks like my left tonsil is inflamed or something. It's been that way for quite some time, and it goes away and comes back, goes away and comes back. I wonder what that means.
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oh cursed procrastination. you art thy eternal enemy.
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i'm almost considering going on some kind of raw smoothie diet.
they are so easy to make, and it's an easy way to down a bunch of fruit and vegetables in an easily-digestible fashion.

this morning's smoothie is made from some greens (a wee bit of kale and parsley, and a whole large leaf of rainbow char), half of a giant orange, a banana, blueberries and strawberries. and cinnamon too. (and water) blend blend blend and then serve! adding seeds into the mix is good, too.

i think i should stop eating beans and chicpeas. nearly every time i do so i end up feeling pretty bloated and awful. yesterday i had a very small amount of this hummus made from pinto beans and ginger. and yeah, i felt kinda ill afterward. last time i made a soup with some kidney beans in them and they made me feel blah too. and i LOVE chic-pea hummus but it often also seems to have some kind of adverse affects on me. :sigh:

Ack. I gotta leave in ten mins. gotta run!

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i had to change my hair appointment because of a scheduling conflict - training for my new job.
i wasn't able to reschedule it until may 22nd!!! so now i have nearly 3 weeks to decide what to do with it.

i would like to get it short, i think, but at the same time i want to keep it long because a long hairstyle is more simple and timeless in terms of being cast for roles in theatre. this also prevents me from getting something really funky done.


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I have a hair appointment scheduled in just under two weeks time.
I'm trying to think of what I'd like to get done, but I am terribly indecisive.

Should I get it short again, or keep it long?
Should I keep it dark, or try another colour like red or blond?

Decisions, decisions.

I'd like to get a change. So if I got the opposite of what I have now, I'd get it short and blond. ... I have no idea if that would look good on me, or not.

Maybe I could get brown instead of black hair that I've been sporting. Or maybe I can get blond on top and dark underneath? Who knows. There's so many options!

Suggestions, anyone?

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